Yana Shiki (BBLU80) 80" Stainless Steel Stunt Bike Handbrake Line

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Brand: Yana Shiki Parts & Accessories


  • For bikes requiring a 80 inch stunt bike handbrake line
  • Comes with one straight banjo on one end and a twenty degree bend banjo on the other
  • Banjo fittings are rotational for a perfect fit

Publisher: Yana Shiki

Details: Yana Shiki high performance brake lines are at the forefront of hydraulic brake line technology. All Yana Shiki brake lines go through vigorous testing to ensure that our products are not only the best, but also durable. All motorcycle brake lines are bike specific and come with a "perfect fit guarantee". Each brake line is permanently swaged together and comes complete with all mounting hardware included. The quality of all brake systems are tested in the lab and on the track, as well as the street.